AZL Z Scale Spine Car Sets

AZL is offering another very nice addition to z scalers, the Trinity RAF 53′ spine car set with 53′ trailers. This is a five car set that includes five spline cars with 5 trailers. The spine cars are metal body with add on etched features. The Spine cars themselves are really well done and the 53′ trailers add to the deal.

Included Options For The AZL Spine Car Sets

The z scale spine car and trailer sets from American Z Line comes with a few different options for you. You get 5 sets of trailer hitches in both the up position as well as the down position. Also included are 5 sets of 4 container hole adapters for when the container is on the spline car as well as 5 sets of container posts for when you don’t have the containers on the car. These options will require some assembly and a steady hand. The video below on the left has more info.

53′ Trailers For The AZL Spine Cars

The 53′ trailers that come with the set really make the cars. The trailers feature the trailer legs, wheels that turn and wheel sets that can be repositioned. All of that in Z Scale!

A Couple Of Videos

Below are a couple of videos on for the AZL Spine Cars. The first gives a nice overview and the second shows the cars in action. Very nice work again by the crew at American Z Line!

Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific

The Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific was as popular with model railroaders as it was with many railroads. This workhorse of the steam era could be found on railroads around the country. I was surprised that when I searched for the Bowser 4-6-2 on eBay, I didn’t see as many as I thought I would. I tried a couple different queries including Bowser Pacific and K-4 but still not a bunch. I did find some completed models, parts including tenders and running gear. I think a unbuilt Bowser 4-6-2 kit maybe a little harder to come buy than the very, very popular. Check out the current listings on eBay below.

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Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific Kits

Right Now on eBay Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific

Here are a couple of videos embedded from YouTube. Very cool these things being bought, build and or restored.

Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific Exploded View Schematic

Here is a link to an exploded view of the Bowser 4-6-2 Pacific. This is a nice resource if you are piecing a Pacific together from old parts! Here is a little more background on the Bowser Locomotive Kits you may find interesting.