How Valuable Is That Train?

Start here before you sell off your model trains! If you are curious what the most valuable model trains are, here is a good starting point to help you see just how valuable your trains are!

How valuable is that train? Good question. Whether you are just curious or are looking to sell off a few pieces of your collection, ebay can be a great source for finding value. If you are selling off your collection, I highly recommend scanning through the sold items on ebay and see what things are actually selling for. I use them all the time when I am buying lots of trains to really see what kind of deal I am getting. For fun, you will find some of the recent highest selling items by scale. Click through and snoop around, you may have a small fortune in your attic! Below we have broken down the scale into two groupings per scale.

First the highest price sales in last 90 days on ebay and secondly, the current highest price listings.

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N Scale

Z Scale

So there you have it. Again the dollar value of an model railroad piece is based on what someone will pay you for it. As you look at the value on some of the pages above you will note there are many sellers really shooting for the moon with their values. That is the value of looking at the sold last 90 days links for trains on ebay. This data is actual sales so you are getting good info.

Besides dollar value of any model train, there is the emotional or sentimental value. That is a completely different topic! I have bought and sold some very expensive pieces, but I will never part with my Atlas N scale Warren tank, car. A few of my other never sell items are an MDC 3 Truck Shay my father built for me before he died, a Roundhouse 0-6-0 he helped me build and a Tyco D&RGW steamer that I bought when I was 13 and promptly repainted. I later bought the original!

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