New Z Releases

El Capitan Sets & More From AZL

Here you go, the first new release for 2022 from American Z Line. First up the El Capitan. Available in 3 differen eleven car sets and an add on set as well. Also F-7 A/B sets with 300 series numbers.

The Santa Fe El Capitan was the economy coach counterpart to the all Pullman Santa Fe Super Chief. Starting in the mid-1950s, the El Capitan pioneered Hi-Level cars developed by the Budd Company. By raising the passenger section, Budd could move all of the supporting equipment below the floor boards, eliminate vestibules, and extend the seating area to the entire length of the car. Not only did this provide a better view out of the higher seating location, but it also increased seating capacity for each car. The El Capitan ran on the same schedule and route as the Super Chief, and offered a quality experience, with full dining and lounge cars, at an affordable price. These Budd Hi-Level cars became the model for modern Amtrak Superliner cars, which are now the backbone of long haul trains in America. Our Santa Fe El Capitan models the train as it appeared in August of 1956. It includes a typical consists of Baggage, Dorm / Hi-Level Transition, Step-Up Hi-Level Coach, Hi-Level Coach, Dining and Lounge cars. The last Step-Up Coach includes a rear drumhead logo of the El Capitan. The packaging includes cavities for four EMD F3/7 units in an A-B-B-A configuration that was typical motive power for the Santa Fe’s El Capitan.

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UP SW1500 Locomotives

Also another SW1500 out today in 3 different road numbers. I am sure these will sell out fast, contact you dealer now if you are a UP guy!

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Full Throttle

In case you missed the latest from Full Throttle, here are the last two releases. A very sharp Monon Hopper Set and a CPWX 51’ Covered Cylindrical Hopper Set. Click here for a list of Full Throttle Dealers

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