Used N Scale Trains

Do you want to get more bang for your buck in n scale railroading? Consider used n scale trains currently available on the after market. When shopping for used n scale trains on ebay, keeping a few things in mind will ensure you get the right piece at a good price.

First when shopping for used n scale, check out the seller’s feed back. While ebay has made it harder to leave bad feed back for a seller, read the feedback it will tell you how accurate the description was and other things. I like to see notes about how well the trains were packed. To me, this is an indicator of the sellers over all operation. Look at all the pictures, ask for more if needed but be reasonable, a seller isn’t want to spend much time on a $5 box car. Looking for lots when shopping for used n scale trains is a great way to get a deal if you are willing to do a little extra work. Buy the lot, single out what you want and resell the rest! I have done this on more than one occasion, getting the used locomotive I want at a great price after selling off the other items. As with any auction, don’t get to excited and over pay, I see it all the time!

So what is available in the used n scale market? Well, just about anything you can imagine. I have bought some really cool custom painted locomotives, fantasy Concor U-50’s and turbines, passenger sets and more. You will find items you just can’t find at your local hobby shop like brass spreaders, used n scale steam locomotives including my favorite a brass Yellowstone for the DM&IR. I am not a big fan of used n scale track, many times it has been installed and roughed up a little. Turnouts are readily available and if you are building a large yard, you can save some real money.

Below are just few used n scale trains to get you thinking, or click here for a more specific search on ebay. Type in exact info for starters and broaden out from there to find exactly what you are looking for in n scale.

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