Z Scale

z scale trains

Z Scale. Z scale is 1:220. Introduced by Marklin back in 1972, for years it was just a novelty. But today’s z scale is a totally legitimate scale that is growing in popularity. The detail modern manufacturing offers in z scale is truly amazing. Z scale offers tons of running in tiny little spaces. How far has z scale come? Well, consider some of the z scale locomotives that have been released including z scale Challengers, Big Boys, Cab Forwards, RDC units, ES44AC and so much more. If you haven’t checked z scale lately, you will be amazed!

In addition to becoming a viable scale to build mini empires in, Z scale has become very collectible. The after market has seen huge price increases especially in the brass market. We have put together a blog series entitled getting started in z scale that will give you some basic pointers. Click here to learn more.

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