AZL California Zephyr

If you are doubting if z scale is a progressives scale or if there is a future with it, consider the California Zephyr announced by American Z Lines. We will have it by end of year 2019 and it is a testament not only what can be done in z scale but to the drive that AZL has to produce iconic z scale pieces.

The AZL California Zephyr in z scale will be available in several configurations. There are four 11 car sets and how about this little addition, the single PRR car that ran weekly as a through service to and from New York City! Yes z scale is alive and well indeed. You will need some pulling power so AZL is offering F3 A/B units in D&RGW, Burlington Route and Western Pacific.

Here is the blurb from AZL them selves: AZL is proud to offer the legendary California Zephyr operated jointly by the CB&Q, D&RGW and WP between Chicago and Oakland. Scaling both the Rockies and the Sierras, it was the most scenic train route in North America. The CZ traveled 2,438 miles starting in 1949 until 1971 when Amtrak took over. All passenger cars were made by Budd. Originally a 10 car consist in 1951, but increased to 11 in 1952.

AZL also offers the single PRR car that ran weekly as a through service to and from New York City. The CZ railroads ordered 6 complete sets and AZL have made 4! All three railroads used EMD F3s as pulling power which AZL also offers separately. The correct F3 assignments were: CB&Q A-B-A, D&RGW A-B-B-A and WP A-B-B.

Would you like to see the AZL California Zephyr in action? While I am sure you would like to see it in action on your layout, for now, check out the videos below. You could easily design and operate a complete layout just around this one set. And with z scale, you can do it full justice and have a long running train in just a tiny little space with loads of scenery and sweeping curves. Yeah, z scale is cool!

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