AZL Z Scale Friday Specials 2022

Just a quick reminder that on 11/25/22, AZL will start it’s Z Scale Friday Specials for 2022. Each Friday for the next 6 weeks, AZL will feature some great buys on z scale locomotives, cars and more. Truthfully, nobody really knows what the specials will be except the guys at AZL. If you check some of the past deals, there usually are some great buys including buy one get one deals including locomotives! What a great way to build your collection! The deals go live Friday AM and are available exclusively at AZL Direct. One thing they have done in the past is let the deals run through the 6 weeks until they sell out. I am sure they will do the same thing this year

Archistories Barn Kits Coming Soon

If you haven’t seen the video below, take a look. Coming fall 2022 these little barn kits will be a must have for many of you. If you have never built a Archistories kit, you really need to give them a try. It is so easy to build them and get great results that even I can do it! Here is a link to a build I did on their Turn of The Century House Kits. Enjoy the video!

Ebay Finds

We are still scouring ebay looking for deals, I am sure you are as well. I used to send a list of items that I felt was worth taking a look at when I was a dealer but it’s getting harder to find the time. Check out the Z scale category at our Trainlots Blog. Most of the posts draw live feeds from ebay that may spark you interest. I still toy with the idea of jumping back in as a dealer. Maybe when I retire?

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