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To the purist in model railroading, detail is everthing. Even in the tiniest of scales much effort is made to have exact measurements, colors, axles and road numbers. And I think that is great but sometimes it’s good to act like a kid again. When we were kids, our imagination added the detail and because of it, we were able to do so much more. A friend of mine had a bunch of Legos and we would build for hours creations, usually cars, trucks and airplanes. The really cool looking ones might be kept built for a while but most ended up in Lego smash up derbies.

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So why are we talking about Legos on a model railroad site? Well Legos has offered a few really neat train building kits over the years. Some are modeled after real locomotives, others are made for the imaginaton. One that really caught my eye is the Lego Set 10277 which is a Crocodile Locomotive. This cool little kit has 1,271 pieces and has a display track. Now if you are a model railroading and you loved playing with Legos as a kid, this would be a great little project. There is a company that makes a lighting set for the locomotive! Or, maybe a gift to stir the love of model railroading in a youngster.

If you are a collector, you may want to buy the 10277 set and tuck it away. Lego sets can be a great investment. Check ebay, you will be suprised at what some of the discontinued sets are going for! You think brass is a good investment, some sets really increase over time. Take for instance the Lego 10133 BNSF Locomotive Kit released around 2005. (Pictured below) Original price was $40 U.S. Now, try to find one unbuilt for under $500!

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I know there is a ton of interest in MAERSK container stacks. Well here is another set you should have bought new, the Lego 10219 MAERSK set. Originally at $119 U.S. back in 2011, going for 3 to 4 times that now. You can still find them, but yes it will cost you!

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You will aslo find other locomotives and actual little trains sets from Lego as well. I was surprised to see the wide selection of custom built Lego train pieces as well. There seems to be quite an interest in Lego trains!

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