Marklin Mini Club F-7 Z Scale Locomotives

Marklin z scale locomotive F-7 Southern

The Marklin Z Scale F7 locomotive is a great piece that many Marklin collectors and just general z scale modelers love to own. While one of the most common Marklin F7 is the Santa Fe with the red war bonnet, you will find a variety of road names including Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, Pennsylvania, Alaska, B&O, Chessie System, Burlington Route and more. You will also find some variations of the Marklin F7 like a version of the Southern Pacific, the Starlight Express and others that you will only find in a set. Earlier units had a 3 pole unit while later models have a 5 pole. So what is the difference of a 3 pole verses a 5 pole motor? The biggest thing you will note is better low end speeds and a quieter motor. Marklin changed over to the 5 pole versions completely in their F7’s by the end of 2000. If you have an older Marklin Z scale F-7, you can change it over to a 5 pole with not to much trouble.

Marklin z scale locomotive Chessie F-7

You will also find some Marklin Mini Club F-7 B unit locomotives and some A-B-A sets as well. You may be able to find Marklin F-7 starter set here and there as well. The “Meet Me In New Orleans” set actually has a Southern F-7 passenger set along with a 2-8-2 freight set and lots of track and even two controllers! Below you will find a few of the current offerings of used F-7 Marklin locomotives on ebay or you can click here to find more.

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