Micro-Town Z Scale Layout For Rokuhan Shorty

This Gets My Z Scale Juices Flowing!

I just thought this layout was so cool! This is a shorty layout built by RG Layouts. It just shows you how cool z scale is. Not sure of the actual dimensions but the soda can gives you an idea. This layout is running the Shorty Series trains from Rokuhan that will negotiate a very small radius. They tend to go in and out of stock as is common with Z Scale. If your favorite dealer doesn’t stock them, check out both Amazon and ebay. You can actually buy this layouts and others prebuilt for RG Layouts. Check out their site and youtube channel. They have some really cool little layouts!

Little layouts like this really get my modeling juices flowing. Building a huge layout can be so intimidating. These little z scale layouts can be done and finished (when have you ever “finished” a layout) in a short period of time and be displayed just about anywhere. This is a great way to try your hand at building and detailing a layout without spending a boat load of time and money. Trying scenery techniques on a small layout will build your confidence. You can always build bigger in the future!

What You Need

If you decide to build your own little layout for the Rokuhan Shorty series, you will need just a few basics. A little bit of track, your choice of the Shorty locomotive and stock, a controller and a a base to build it on. As for the base, get creative! The base itself can be a work of art. As you shop for the Rokuhan Shorty locomotives, you may have to buy a powered chassis. Make sure you read the item description! You can find some Shorty sets with everything you need including the locomotive, track and controllers. Both Amazon and ebay offer a nice selection of Rokuhan Shorty products.

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