N Scale Fire Trucks

Adding small details to your n scale layout can make a huge difference. Fire trucks are just one aspect you can add to your n scale layout that can really flesh out the scene. You can create a live action scene or just the local fire station. And now you have some nice choices in n scale fire trucks to make that happen.

What’s Available?

When I first started searching for n scale fire trucks, I didn’t think I would find many. But I was surprised to find fire trucks in n scale from the 1920’s to the modern era. One of my favorites I came across is a hook and ladder kit from GHQ. It’s cast pewter so you do need to put it together and paint it but you really can finish it to match your own local fire department if you are good with decals. I was even more surprised to realize that GHQ is based about 20 miles from my home! They have some really neat stuff in addition to their fire trucks in n scale. You can also find fire trucks in n scale from Wiking, Athearn and others as well as some 3D printed models.

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A Place To Park Your Fire Engines

Of course, you will need a place to park your fire trucks. Some of the offerings in n scale leave something to be desired but if you dig you should find something that will fit in to your layout. If not scratch building or kit bashing may be in order.

Right Now on eBay 

So if you are looking to add a little more realism to your small town on your n scale layout, consider adding a fire truck either in action or in front of a station. It’s a simple addition that can really add depth with little effort.

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