New AZL Releases 2.1.22

NEW Burlington Zephyr E-7

Available in two diiferent road numbers. The Burlington Zephyrs were synonymous with the classic American streamlined passenger trains. The streaks of silver would be seen running the rails through the mid-west and beyond. Classic names of these trains included: Twin Zephyrs, Silver Streak Zephyr, Pioneer Zephyr, Mark Twain Zephyr, Zephyr Rockets, Texas Zephyrs and others!    Contact you favorite AZL dealer now.

And to go with your new locomotive……….

AZL is releasing a number of cars that ran in Zephyr service as well as corresponding EMD E7s. The domes alone will stand out in any train! Contact you favorite AZL dealer now.

Norfolk & Southern SW1500

Three road numbers are available for the NS SW1500.

The SW1500s feature numerous prototype specific details, traction tires, blacken metal-wheels, innovative drive train and truck design, directional-controlled LEDs and AZL’s AutoLatchTM couplers.

As a bonus, AZL’s Innovation Lab is including two adapters that allow the SW1500 to be retrofitted with Micro-TriainsTM 905 couplers. Click for list of authorized AZL dealers if you don’t alread have a favorite or if he is sold out.

Note: We are advising customers not to attempt to remove the shells of the SW1500s. Doing so may result in damage to the locomotive’s shells.

New Tankers Added

1917 8,000 Gallon Tank Cars for The Akin Gas Company have been added in a single, two car and four car offering. Available from you AZL dealer

53’ Container – Pacer StackTrain

For your container needs, a new 53′ container has been added to the line up this month as well.

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