Bowser Locomotive Kits

Looking for a Bowser locomotive kit? Keep reading for a little history and some kits currently available. There was a time when everything came in kit form. Why you could even order a house kit from Sears Roebuck! So it was with HO scale as well, there were many kits around. I remember the Bowser locomotive kits as being one of my favorites. While they have been out of production for some time, you will still find them in the aftermarket. I am seeing more and more complete kits coming available.

While as you may have guessed, the most desirable for most are the Bowser Challenger and Big Boy. And of course they are harder to find. Bowser made locomotive kits that included the 4-6-2 Pacific, one of my favorites, the 4-4-4-4 Duplex, 2-8-0 Consolidation, 2-8-2 Mikado, 4-8-4 Northern, 4-6-0 Casey Jones, 4-8-2 Mountain and even a 2-10-2! You will also be able to find some small switchers. That’s just the Bowser steam locomotives, they also had some diesel and traction locomotives as well.

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If you have a Bowser locomotive that is missing parts or if you are looking for one of the super detail kits, don’t despair, they seem to be coming out of the wood work as well. Tender kits both standard and Vanderbilt are there as well. You will also find many built and partial bit kits out there too.

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To be sure, building one of these locomotive kits can be a real challenge, but so rewarding. You can find some building tips including painting tips from Bowser here. The ones my brother and father built usually ended up be the standard dark gray or black, which really made a pretty nice representation of a functioning steam locomotive. Craftsmen are becoming a rarity these days as are these Bowser Locomotives. Find one, complete it and you will have a piece that you will truly be proud of.