HO Scale Decals

With the huge selection of HO scale decals available today, a model railroader cannot only create road names and numbers that aren’t being produced or create something totally unique. Years ago, you got what you got from the dealer no matter how prototypical. But now with a few add on parts, a different stripe and new decals you can more accurately model your road of choice. Add to that the advent of 3D printing and the sky is the limit.

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While you can print your own HO scale decals, you can save yourself a lot of time and experimenting buying commercially available decals. The internet and outlets like ebay make it easy for a small manufacture to offer up his product with very little cost. While you may be familiar with companies like Champion, Micro Scale, and Herald King but there really is a bunch of guys doing it! I came across a cool company called that has a bunch of HO Scale decals, K-4 Supply while looking for z scale decals. I couldn’t believe all the pages of decals! Not just Z but N, HO, O, S & TT scale decals! I have to admit, I started paging through but it was a little daunting! Another one I came across is Great Decals for Model Railroads who sells on ebay. They actually have a site Greatdecals.com that lists a bunch of HO scale decal makers.

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