New From AZL For March 1st 2022

New Haven PA-17

For the second PA1 release, AZL brings you New Haven in the striking McGinnis paint scheme! While the PA1 were designed for passenger service, the New Haven used these unit to pull freight as well. AZL Is offering the locomotive in two different road nubmers.   Contact you favorite AZL dealer now.

Another 8,000 Gallon Tanker

I really like the 8,000 Gallon tanker series AZL has produced. This month a single care is availalbe for the Paluxy Asphalt Companty, road number SHPX 4034. Contact you favorite AZL dealer now.

Western Pacific SW1500

Many of you have been waiting for the WP SW1500 and here it is available in 3 different road numbers. As a bonus, AZL’s Innovation Lab is including two adapters that allow the SW1500 to be retrofitted with Micro-TriainsTM 905 couplers. Click for list of authorized AZL dealers if you don’t alread have a favorite or if he is sold out.

Note: We are advising customers not to attempt to remove the shells of the SW1500s. Doing so may result in damage to the locomotive’s shells.