Marklin Mini Club Z Scale 81535 Starter

marklin 81535

The Marklin Mini Club 81535 Starter set is a great little steam era starter set from Marklin that offers something you just won’t find anywhere, a 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotive for the Northern Pacific Railroad. You will find a lot of z scale Mikados from both Marklin and AZL, but if you want a Pacific in z scale, the locomotive you find in this set may be the only way to fill the bill. The Marklin z scale Pacific feature a 5 pole motor for very smooth operation. While it fits a broad protoypical range, you will find it is a very attractive representation of the 4-6-2 steam locomotive.

Many of the 4-6-2 locomotives found their use in passenger service, but it still looks right at home in pulling a freight consist. In the starter set, you will get the Marklin Mini Club 4-6-2 steam locomotive (Northern Pacific road number 2259) a Great Northern gondola, a Spokane, Portland & Seattle flat car and a Northern Pacific caboose. You will also get an oval of track and controller. This really is a cute little set. It has been out of production for some time but you will still find them for sale here and there. Sometimes you will see the locomotive itself come up for sale as well.

As mentioned above, the Marklin Mini Club 81535 set that included the 4-6-2 locomotive has been out of production for some time. The set’s hold up well and the 5 pole motor still provides for a very smooth running locomotive even by today’s standards. Below you will see a few of the current listings for the sets containing a z scale Pacific locomotive or click here for a more thorough search.

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Marklin 88075 Commodore

The Marklin Z Scale NYC Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4. This is one of my favorite Marklin Z scale pieces. Modeled after the classic road number 5344 New York Central Locomotive. This was J3-1 type 4-6-4 Hudson locomotives that was streamlined and became known for pulling the 20th Century Limited until 1937. While the claim was made that the streamlining allowed the locomotive to pull up to 12 percent more weight, in my opinion it was as much that as a marketing move. This was one beautiful machine! The Marklin Z scale 4-6-4 Commodore holds the same allure as it’s full size counter part. Having seen pictures of the Marklin 88075 Commodore and seeing it in person, I can tell you, pictures don’t do it justice. The Marklin Commodore Vanderbilt is a metal body locomotive with a five pole motor for smooth operation. Also features a working headlight and all six wheels are driven. If you have run any of the 5 pole Marklin Z scale locomotives you know they are just a joy to run, velvet smooth. You may have a challenge finding the right consist of passenger cars to pull behind the Commodore Vanderbilt, you may have to bend the prototype a little but well worth it. I have always thought a spur could be added on your layout for a Railroad Museum where you could feature some of these classics no matter what the era you are modeling. Like many of the classic US steam locomotives that Marklin produced over the years, the 88075 Z Scale NYC Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4 has been out of production for some time but you can usually find them here and there in the aftermarket and they tend to age well. Below you will find a few examples of the Marklin Mini Club 88075 Z Scale NYC Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4 currently available one ebay.

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Getting Started In Z Scale

Getting Started In Z Scale

I remember being young and my father coming home with an Atlas N scale starter set. I can still picture the box with the Santa Fe diesel locomotive and the 0-8-0 steam locomotive. Inside you received a small oval of track, a locomotive a few cars and caboose and a controller. It was a great way to get started, you could open the box and run your trains. You can have the same experience with z scale. There really are just a couple choices for z scale starter sets. Marklin has offered starter sets for years, since the start of z scale in 1972. Micro Trains offers a starter set both with and without track, neither with a controller. offers the MTL sets with controller and track ready to go and also offer custom AZL/Rokuhan packages as well in an effort to give you the same out of the box experience that is common in other scales. As we have stated in other posts in this series have stated, you end goal will likely influence what you start with. If you want to open a box and start in the hobby today, check out our ready to go z scale starter sets on line. Start your model trains memories today with a ready to go z scale starter set. But fair warning, it is an addictive hobby!

Z Scale Track

z scale starter set

Choosing your z scale track is much easier than choosing your locomotive or rolling stock. Choosing your layout…. that may be a little harder. Let’s take a quick look at track. For z scale layouts, you have a few basic choices. The originator of z scale Marklin, Rokuhan, Micro Trains or hand laid track. As with so many aspects of this hobby, your end goal will determine your track choice. If you want the ultimate in realism you will likely hand lay your track. Even your switches can be hand laid. Check out Fast Tracks for supplies and jigs for laying your own track. If you are going to add ballast to your track, you will want to either use Marklin or hand lay your track. Marklin turnouts are very reliable and can even help avoid derailments if you go the wrong way over a switch. They offer a variety of turnouts, straights, curves and even adjustable track to help you make your layout. Rokuhan and Micro Trains line offer track with a pre installed roadbed. While you cannot achieve the level of realism that adding your own ballast offers, you can achieve a very clean and operational layout using this type of track. The Micro Trains Line of track is somewhat limited so my recommendation is the Rokuhan as they have a large selection of turnouts, crossings, flexible track along with the standard curves and straights. I am biased towards Rokuhan. I like their selection and and the way their controllers connect to the track and work with their power turnouts. Atlas is now offering z scale turnouts and will likely continue to increase it’s offering in z as well.

Choosing A Z Scale Controller

Z Scale Controllers I know, the controller is really a boring thing. Z scale locomotives are incredible little pieces of equipment. While the detail on these little gems is absolutely incredible, especially when compared to the first z scale locomotives Marklin introduced in 1972, one thing has stayed the same over the years, they use tiny little motors that can be fried by controllers made for larger scales. Buying an oval of z scale track, a locomotive and a few cars and then hooking it up to your controller used in N scale or HO scale, can make for an very disappointing z scale experience. Not to worry, there are several good good choices for you, all fairly inexpensive. Let’s start with the original, the Marklin Mini Club controllers. Marklin Mini Club Controllers When Marklin introduced z scale,they were smart enough to offer a complete set that came with the correct controller. The familiar 6272A is available used on ebay, usually for around $40-$60 and is a real work horse. The model 67271 usually sells for $125 or so new and used on ebay for around $75. These are both excellent choices, I lean towards the 67271 as it is the more modern version and has easy to use hook ups. Rokuhan The Rokuhan Company continues to add value and versatility to the z scale line. Currently they offer the RC02 and the RC03 controllers which both offer the constant lighting feature. They also both are expandable in that you can snap on turnout controllers and other controllers on the end of the controller. The RC03 comes with two turnout control switches already installed. Both can be operated on AA batteries or you can purchase a AC adapter. Cost ranges for about $40 for the RC02 and $75 for the RC03. MRC While MRC does not offer a z scale controller per say, the MRC1300 is available modified for safe use for z scale. Usually they are easily identified by the yellow sticker on the front of the controller. Usually selling for around $50-$60.

z scale locomotive

Choose Your First Z Scale Locomotive

Nothing is more important to any train than the locomotive. No locomotive, no train! Aside from being the key part of your z scale railroad, the locomotive is one of the more interesting aspects of the hobby. Car after car may go by but your focus is on the locomotive. Finally, the type of locomotive you prefer will have an impact on your layout, especially on radius of the turns. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the locomotives available. If you missed part one on controllers, please check it out here. Below you will find a few considerations on the z scale locomotive.

One of the most iconic locomotives has to be the Marklin 0-6-0 that was introduced in so many starter sets in 1972. These little locomotives are still around and you can find them on ebay used for around $50. These little guys are still a great choice for small radius layouts, like 120mm or even less they did just fine. So if you are modeling a small European railroad with tight curves these little locomotives do well. But for the purposes of this series, we are focusing on US prototypes. which brings up one of the problems in my opinion with z scale, their simply isn’t enough small z scale switcher locomotives available.

Marklin offers several US locomotives including steam locomotives. They have made available 2-8-2, 4-6-2 and 4-6-0 steam locomotives which seem to do ok on a 145mm radius. Their F-7 diesel locomotives also do well on a smaller radius turns. Marklin has recently released E-8/9 units, not sure what the recommended radius is on them, but on larger locomotives, a larger radius makes for smoother operation and looks better. Another very cool Marklin unit is their GG-1 locomotive.

American Z Line, or AZL has really opened up the door to z scale railroading with very nice selection of locomotives. Steam offerings include the Mikado, a real workhorse for many prototype and model railroads alike. But their is also some real high end steam units available, including several versions of a Big Boy and a SP Cab forward, both in brass. Sold out and very hard to come by are the AZL GS-4 units and Challengers. While AZL recommends a 220mm radius on the Mikado, some report running them on 170mm. 195mm seems to be a realistic minimum. As for the bigger locomotives really need 245mm plus.

AZL also offers a wide variety of diesel locomotives as well. Smaller GP38-2 locomotives can be had for under $100 and are billed as entry level locomotive. They really are a great value and can be upgraded to DCC and Micron Art offers a super detail kit if you want to dress them up a little. They do well on a 195mm radius and are available in variety of roads. Other smaller diesel locomotives include GP-7’s and 9’s, and GP30’s. A very nice series of SD70 and SD75 locomotives is also available with more modern diesel power promised this year. The E8/9 units have been an awesome addition to the z scale line up as well. Micro Trains Line has been offering diesel locomotives for some time. While they have made some very nice SD40-2, GP35, GP9 and F7 units, currently their F7 A&B units are by far the most readily available with a nice variety of road names. Marklin, AZL and Micro Trains all use different couplers. While AZL & Micro Trains couplers are compatible, Marklin is stands alone so you would have to convert them or use a conversion car to use them with cars and locomotives other than Marklin. We will address couplers a little bit later.

Great Northern z  scale passenger cars

Z Scale Rolling Stock

Z scale rolling stock selection continues to grow and grow. You have the standards, you know box cars gondolas, tankers and more. But what continues to amaze me in this tiny scale is the selection of road names and road specific details. You will find all the big road very well represented along with some small obscure short lines. Manufactures include American Z Lines, Full Throttle, MTL, FR, Marklin and others. While much of the rolling stock tends to be modern, there is plenty of older stock to choose from. Full Throttle is always producing steam to diesel era rolling stock that is perfect for smaller layouts. Passenger car selection is really being represented well by AZL and MTL.

A Quick Bit On Couplers

The question always comes up on couplers. If you are coming to Z from N or HO, you are likely familiar with MTL couplers. MTL couplers are standard on the MTL line. AZL & Full Throttle offer their own couplers. They are all compatible however the MTL is the only one that operates magnetically. Marklin z scale couplers are not compatible with these type of couplers. The obvious solution is a conversion car with Marklin couplers on one end and MTL, Full Throttle or the AZL on the other.

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AZL California Zephyr

If you are doubting if z scale is a progressives scale or if there is a future with it, consider the California Zephyr announced by American Z Lines. We will have it by end of year 2019 and it is a testament not only what can be done in z scale but to the drive that AZL has to produce iconic z scale pieces.

The AZL California Zephyr in z scale will be available in several configurations. There are four 11 car sets and how about this little addition, the single PRR car that ran weekly as a through service to and from New York City! Yes z scale is alive and well indeed. You will need some pulling power so AZL is offering F3 A/B units in D&RGW, Burlington Route and Western Pacific.

Here is the blurb from AZL them selves: AZL is proud to offer the legendary California Zephyr operated jointly by the CB&Q, D&RGW and WP between Chicago and Oakland. Scaling both the Rockies and the Sierras, it was the most scenic train route in North America. The CZ traveled 2,438 miles starting in 1949 until 1971 when Amtrak took over. All passenger cars were made by Budd. Originally a 10 car consist in 1951, but increased to 11 in 1952.

AZL also offers the single PRR car that ran weekly as a through service to and from New York City. The CZ railroads ordered 6 complete sets and AZL have made 4! All three railroads used EMD F3s as pulling power which AZL also offers separately. The correct F3 assignments were: CB&Q A-B-A, D&RGW A-B-B-A and WP A-B-B.

Would you like to see the AZL California Zephyr in action? While I am sure you would like to see it in action on your layout, for now, check out the videos below. You could easily design and operate a complete layout just around this one set. And with z scale, you can do it full justice and have a long running train in just a tiny little space with loads of scenery and sweeping curves. Yeah, z scale is cool!

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The Minitrix 2-10-0 Decapod

Back in the early 70’s the selection of steam locomotives was somewhat limited. Some may say there aren’t enough now! So the Minitrix 2-10-0 Decapod was a good go to locomotive to add a little variety to your n scale steam roster. Minitrix n scale locomotives were always good solid performers.

As with many model railroad applications, the Minitrix decapod was somewhat of a broad interpretation of the 2-10-0’s you would have seen in the real world. Still they were a welcome addition to n scale. The first U.S. 2-10-0 was built for Lehigh Valley. While different railroads at least had a handful of the decapod, the Pennsylvania Railroad had a total of 598 units! That is whole lot of iron!

  • Mintrix 2-10-0

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The Minitrix 2-10-0 decapod is obviously long out of production but you will still find many nice examples available on ebay. While some buyers are asking north of $100, if you are patient, you can likely buy for half that. If you want to see a little more prototypical info on the 2-10-0, you can actually see a few in person. Currently there are at least 6 on display in the U.S. according to Wikipedia. is a great source for much more info on these interesting locomotives including links to rosters, images etc. Worth a visit!

Train Stores Near Me

Are you looking for a nearby train store? Searching for a train store near me is a good start. Google will give you some results. But, finding a train store isn’t near as easy as it used to be. When I was young we had a couple of local train stores that had a little of this and that for most scales. Even if they didn’t have a huge selection, they usually had the essentials, kits, glue, track spikes connectors, balsa and paints for your model railroad. Usually your local train store would also feature more road names for your area. We had plenty of Burlington Northern to choose from as well as the usually biggies, AT&SF, UP and PRR.

What a treat though when we drove just a little further and went to one of the big hobby shops. Many of these had working layouts and a much larger selection of trains. My dad took my brother and I to a large shop where I bought my most valuable train, an n scale Atlas Warren tank car. Have you ever watched a young child stair at a model train as it rolls by? It’s a beautiful thing!

With the advent of e-commerce, so much has been lost in the model train experience. It just isn’t as special sitting in front of the computer with your kids looking at model trains. So if you can find a train store near you, especially one with a working layout, you will be adding so much more to the experience and increasing the odds that this great hobby get’s passed on to the next generation. The time my brother and I spent bonding with my father on the way to and from the hobby shop, asking question and after question is something I treasure long after his passing. If you can’t find a local shop, that’s not all bad, read on.

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I was surprised when I googled “train stores near me” to find there actually where a few near me! One was in my small town of Buffalo, MN and only handled G scale but still a full fledged family owned train store within 2 miles of me! My search also showed that if I would drive 25 miles, I would find even more train stores that I could visit and actually find what I was looking for. Many of these stores will order in for you as well. Please don’t get to hung up on pricing. I had a customer call my power tool business and let me know Amazon had the same drills I had for $5 less. My question to him was “which one did Amazon feel would be best for your use?” . He got the point. So if your local train store is a little high, remember, there is some expertise there. I have found that some of the bigger craft stores handle some model train basics including glues, paints, balsa and even some actual trains!

All of that being said, if you search train store near me, you simply may find nothing within a comfortable driving distance. You will find more and more brick and mortar stores bringing their expertise to the internet. When a local hobby shop starts selling online, be it through ebay, Amazon or their own site, they are bringing along that local customer service and love for model trains that giant online sellers just don’t have. Through in the fact that they can offer service and used inventory and you may find the best train store near you is actually online!

HO Brass Trains-Locomotives

HO Scale Brass Trains. Steam locomotives, ABBA diesle sets, early and modern diesel, logging locomotives including the Shay, Climax, Heisler and traction locomotives. What do you think of first when you think of HO scale brass trains? HO Scale brass locomotives is probably what you think of first. I always think back to my father’s Model Railroader magazine adds for brass locomotives. He modeled N scale, most where HO Scale at that time with some O scale as well. N scale became more popular. But it didn’t matter at that time, they were well out of my reach! One of the few luxuries of aging is becoming a little more financially stable. As such, consider some of the HO scale brass trains that really are more like works of art than anything. I always rationalize that they are an investment. I can’t say my wife buys into that theory. Let’s take a quick look at what is available in the after market.

Steam Locomotives

The nature of steam locomotives lends itself very well to being a piece of brass art. While most more modern locomotives are streamlined with less visible working parts, the steam locomotive is all our there for you to see. That’s what makes a HO scale brass steam locomotive that much more impressive to me. If you are a fan of the big articulated locomotives, you have plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for a Big Boy, Challenger, Yellowstone, Duplex or an Allegheny, you will find it in brass. The standard workhorses are there as well including Pacifics, Mikados, Northerns, Texans, Bershires, you get the point. And we would expect the more popular locomotives to be represented. But HO scale brass also offers some awesome, somewhat obscure very task specific steam locomotives like the Climax, and Shay or one of my favorites the Heisler.

  • HO Brass Steam

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Right-Now-108x45.gif

Diesel Locomotives

Diesel locomotives are also very well represented in HO scale. The early locomotives like the F-3, F-7, E-8 and others are readily available as are many of the road switchers. Many are available in ABBA consists. Brass diesel locomotives tend to be a little less pricey than the steam locomotives for obvious reasons, less detail and moving parts! As for switchers, you will find more road switchers than the smaller yard ones, but they are out there. Brass diesel is a good way to start you brass collection.

  • HO Brass Diesel

Traction Locomotives

I have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of traction locomotives, but there is a big following. When I think of traction locomotives, I think of the Milwaukee Road Little Joe and the Great Northern EF70. That not only shows you where I am from but that I don’t have a huge knowledge of traction locomotives. But, if you are looking for them, they are here!

Gas Turbine

One of the more obscure models that was only used by the UP was the Veranda Gas Turbine. But sure enough, they are available in HO scale brass. Such an odd concept, but something that really caught the fancy of model railroaders! Learn more about these units here. Very interesting.

To Paint Or Not To Paint

Here is a question. To paint or not to paint. Well, this is my blog, so I get to offer my opinion. I certainly respect yours. The answer to paint or not to paint is………yes. I really have to say this is a hard one for me. To me an unpainted Heisler is a thing of beauty, but I can’t resist a DMIR gray boiler 2-10-4.

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Great Northern Z Scale Trains

Growing up in MN, seeing a freight Burlington Northern train rolling by was a common site. I was always excited when I would see a Billy Goat mixed in for Great Northern. If you are a fan of Great Northern and a new comer to z scale, you may wonder how well GN is represented in z scale. Well good news, as time goes we are seeing more and more choices.

Great Northern Z Scale Locomotives

While a train usually has one or two locomotives and a bunch of cars, locomotives still they are our favorite. Your z scale Great Northern locomotive selection isn’t huge but again as z scale grows, so does the variety. For steam locomotives, you can find a Glacier Green 2-8-2 Mikado from AZL. Your best bet may be the after market but you may still find a new one on a dealers shelf. They are tender drive and a real work of art. Marklin made a Great Northern Mikado as well. Not as detailed but still a fine representation by the manufacture who started it all. For diesel power, MTL offered a GN Sky Blue F-7 A/B and a GP9. AZL has an SD45 and a F-3 A&B. You will also find a few custom painted options around as well.

Great Northern Z Scale Rolling Stock

For Great Northern freight, most of the current manufactures in z scale feature Great Northern. One of my favorite z scale manufactures is Full Throttle. This small company continues to churn out unique offerings and have z scale GN hoppers, wood chip cars, covered hoppers and small reefers. AZL has a nice choice of Great Northern freight including my favorite some small 2 Bay Hoppers. MTL continues to sprinkle in some z scale freight including a 10 car GN Circus Care Set. So named for their variety of color. More choices pop up every few months.

great northern z scale freight cars

Great Northern Z Scale Passenger Cars

Even passenger cars have become readily available in z scale. MTL released as Sky Blue Set that you will have to shop the aftermarket for as well as a few Empire Builders. AZL has released a stunning collection of the Great Northern Empire Builder in z scale. They really are impressive! I fear they will sell out fast!

Great Northern z  scale passenger cars

Walthers Cornerstone Kits HO Scale

Railroads were built with a purpose. Some to move lumber, some to move coal, others iron ore. Industry drove the railroads and still does today. So when you are designing or building your layout, what purpose does it serve? Sometimes all you need is a central industry or several to get you off and rolling. That’s where the Walthers Cornerstone kits come in. Check out some of there kits that will give your railroad a purpose.

For instance, consider the New River Mining Company Kit from the Walthers Cornerstone series. This kit could be the focus of your layout if mining is your thing. It’s a good size, the main complex measures out at 12-1/2 x 9 x 9-3/8″ (31.2 x 22.5 x 23.2cm). This is a facility that would have been typical around the 1950’s so the steam to diesel era would fit in very nicely. You will see rave reviews of the kit, typical of the Walthers kits. It is well designed and includes extras like conveyors and a truck loading facility.

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The Walthers Cornerstone kits also have lots to offer for more of a rural setting. For instance, they offer a concrete grain elevator, grain storage bins, a nice little barn, and more of a rural feed elevator as well. A few of these buildings will make a fine little layout running nice long consists of covered hoppers.

City and small town scenes always add realism to your layout. Industry brings people, people need to shop, eat drive etc. Well the Cornerstone series of kits has you covered with drive ins, donut shops, department stores, small homes, apartments, office buildings and more.

As mentioned earlier, industry brings railroads, and railroads need service to operate! So, how about a roundhouse and turntable, or coaling and diesel service facilities? Walthers Cornerstone kits offer a nice three stall roundhouse that you can easily expand. You can model your whole layout around a fully equipped main yard. Detailing and operating opportunities are endless.

When designing or building your layout, spend a little time browsing the Walthers Cornerstone kits for inspiration. They can be a nice little detail or the focus of any great layout.

How Valuable Is That Train?

Start here before you sell off your model trains! If you are curious what the most valuable model trains are, here is a good starting point to help you see just how valuable your trains are!

How valuable is that train? Good question. Whether you are just curious or are looking to sell off a few pieces of your collection, ebay can be a great source for finding value. If you are selling off your collection, I highly recommend scanning through the sold items on ebay and see what things are actually selling for. I use them all the time when I am buying lots of trains to really see what kind of deal I am getting. For fun, you will find some of the recent highest selling items by scale. Click through and snoop around, you may have a small fortune in your attic! Below we have broken down the scale into two groupings per scale.

First the highest price sales in last 90 days on ebay and secondly, the current highest price listings.

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N Scale

Z Scale

So there you have it. Again the dollar value of an model railroad piece is based on what someone will pay you for it. As you look at the value on some of the pages above you will note there are many sellers really shooting for the moon with their values. That is the value of looking at the sold last 90 days links for trains on ebay. This data is actual sales so you are getting good info.

Besides dollar value of any model train, there is the emotional or sentimental value. That is a completely different topic! I have bought and sold some very expensive pieces, but I will never part with my Atlas N scale Warren tank, car. A few of my other never sell items are an MDC 3 Truck Shay my father built for me before he died, a Roundhouse 0-6-0 he helped me build and a Tyco D&RGW steamer that I bought when I was 13 and promptly repainted. I later bought the original!