Con-Cor Rivarossi N Scale Sets

Over the years, ConCor/Rivarossi packaged some very interesting collector train sets  that included a locomotive and a set of cars.  Many were done in a simulated wood grain cardboard box. Try releasing something like that today you would get laughed at! But as it is, many of these older sets are very collectible.  Con Cor/Rivarossi offered both freight and passenger train sets in these collector boxes.  Both steam and diesel sets were available.  Many railroads were covered in the Con Cor Rivarossi sets including Erie Lackawanna, NYC, PRR, Great Northern, Grand Trunk Western and even the US Army just to name a few.  Price for these sets is varied but generally in the $200 to $400 price range.  One thing that is nice about the Con Cor Rivarossi train sets is most are still in very good shape, The  box seems to get more wear than the trains ever did.   There is no doubt that Con Cor/Rivarossi has offered some true n scale icons over the years.  These boxed train sets are continuing to be a hot product!

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The complete passenger sets were always my favorites. Available in both steam and diesel, these were, and still are a great way to add passenger service to your layout. These sets are becoming more and more collectible as are many of the older sets by Con Cor and Rivarossi.

In addition to complete sets with the locomotive, you will find some nice diesel sets, both in road diesel and switchers. Con-Cor and Rivarossi also offered some nice three to six car passenger sets in many different road names. I have been around n scale since the early 70’s and I just love looking at the old Con Cor Rivarossi stuff on ebay, it’s like opening a time capsule!

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