Marklin Z Scale U.S.Cabooses

Over the years Marklin has produced a variety of z scale cabooses from American railroads that have become quite collectible. Some were available as individuals and others in sets. You can find Marklin z scale cabooses in CB&Q, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe (some of which are the most collectible) Chessie, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe, New York Central, Texas & New Orleans, Northern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Pennsylvania, Southern, Baltimore & Ohio and Central New Jersey. I think that is the majority of them! So where can you get these great little Marklin cabooses? Your best bet is to check out ebay and be patient, they come and go. I have been able to find some great buys on them. They tend to hover around $35 to $60 range for the most part while the blue AT&SF can trend higher. Some of these cabooses came in sets so you may have to buy a kit and break it up if you really want that one.

You will also find some used Marklin cabooses that have LED lighting added which is a really nice feature. I have seen both interior and end lighting on the caboose. Most of them are done with a flicker free system. What a nice little detail to add to your z scale layout. I have a few favorites like the Burlington Northern and the Northern Pacific that I like to keep on display in my office. Whether you collect, hoard or run z scale, the Marklin z scale caboose is a great addition.

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